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According to Vastu, this is the best direction to hang pictures of your loved ones - Vastu Shastra lays down norms and proper location of every materialistic object to eradicate the negative. Vastu lays down norms for every nook and belongings which we have and likewise it tells us which can be the ideal position for wall paintings and family pictures. We all have habit of placing pictures of late ancestor on walls or in worship room but such things are strictly prohibited according to Vastu principles. Vastu don't allow hanging specific pictures and late ancestor's images in.

According to vastu, the mirror in the bedroom should be not be prominently visible. The larger the mirror, the greater the strain on the marital relationship. For a happy married life, photos of the couple should be displayed in the west direction When we place things as per vastu, everything starts falling at correct place. 1. For family members picture, the ideal location is North East / East / North 2. If you want to place pictures of your beloved ancestors or pictures of dead, then Sout.. A picture or a photo is not just another article of decoration, pictures and photos have a deep meaning and energy associated with them. As such, it becomes very necessary to comprehend the importance of hanging pictures, family photos in the correct direction as per Vastu Vastu Shastra points out the rules and the proper location of any material possessions entity to remove negative energy from your home. Vastu also has a perfect location for wall paintings and family portraits. Photographs are the best way to keep..

You can hang pictures of your deceased relatives in the North East direction of your house --- however, make sure that there is no temple or puja room in that corner of the house. 4/16. 4 Vastu & Feng Shui News: Vastu Tips to Hang Pictures for Positive Effects - Vastu is a science that combines various cosmic energies from the universe and reflects them around human beings with. Ms. Suman Pandit, in her book, Vastu for Homes, at page no. 115, has written, Avoid having pictures of dead departed ancestors in the Pooja room along with pictures of deities. Shri Promod Kumar Sinha, in his book, Saral Grih Vaastu, at page no. 123, has recommended that south west is the best place for ancestors photograph My bedroom which has west door, windows in the east and bed in north south direction n above the bed is on south wall i have my couple photo facing north direction is it auspicious . if not kindly give remedy for the same as I have no other place to keep it as its huge! Also wall clock on couple's picture is good/ bad? June 9, 2016 at 7:01 P Remedy: If this direction is imbalanced in the presence of an anti-element etc. then color this direction with any shade of blue and keep a photo (couple) of both of you together in this direction. Vastu Remedies for happy married life and Relationships. Some important points to be noted to solve love and Marriage problems through Vastu

If the couple is elder then South-West direction is recommended. If the couple is younger then North-West is the best corner to have bedroom. Vastu for Couple Photos in Bedroom. Here are some tips based on Vastu for couple photos in bedroom which can bring more happiness in your marriage. Follow these Vastu tips for couple photos to restore. Here are some useful Vastu tips to follow when placing family photos in the house: Place family photographs at walls falling in the south-west direction. It helps strengthen relationships. The walls falling in the north or the east should not be used to place family photos. Hanging pictures of loved ones or ancestors in the south-east or the. A couple's bed should be either in southwest or northwest direction of the house. According to Vastu, it helps nurtures love and understanding between the couple. Before you start with the renovation, make sure to get a room in the west, south, or southwest direction. This is the direction where love and romance prevails, making your bond strong Vastu Painting For Office. A flowing body of water represents energy and the flow of life. The flowing water picture represents information when oriented north-east. A waterfall painting or a river photo can be hung in your home or office. It has the ability to increase the blissful vibrations in your environment. The Direction Of The Vastu.

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Vastu Tips for Couple's Bedroom Couples' bedroom should be such that the ambience affects in strengthening the relationship created out of nuptial bonds. Whether it's a newly married couple or a couple with years of marriage, the eternal ties and healthy relatioinship is highly important. Vastu says to construct bedroom with proper consideration. Bedroom is a hub to unwind stress and carry out. vastu tips for couple's bedroom Couple's bedroom should be such that the ambience affects in strengthening the relationship created out of nuptial bonds. Newly or years of married couple doesn't matter, but what matter is their eternal ties and to maintain good relationship Vastu says to construct bedroom with proper consideration Vastu leads to a happy married life which every couple dream of. Life becomes joyful and peaceful if your life partner is compatible with you. Vastu defects may cause non compatibility with life partner. Everybody wants to live a successful and peaceful life Vastu Shastra prescribes that newlyweds should keep their bed in a way that when they lay down, their heads are facing south. Couples should not use black, grey, brown and cream in bedsheets, pillow covers, curtains, wallpapers, among other decorative items for the house. They should, instead, opt for pink, orange, blue and yellow

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  1. Avoid hanging pictures depicting water bodies Family Photographs Vastu for photos in the bedroom suggests keeping family photographs on the southwest wall of your bedroom. Doing this will help strengthen family relationships. You should avoid keeping pictures of your family in the north or east corner of the bedroom
  2. Posters and Paintings Vastu - Principles You Must Follow Posters and paintings plays a vital role in enhancing the beauty of any room but using them according to Vastu shall further boost the positive vibes in the house. It is a fact that every single object around, has its own energy, aura and vibes -Read Mor
  3. Vastu tips for bedroom to get pregnant and bedroom vastu for married couple is one of the most powerful vastu tips to improve husband-wife relationship. Husband and Wife Sleeping Direction as per Vastu. According to vastu shastra, the newlyweds' bedroom (couples bedroom) should be in the SouthWest or South or West direction of the house (main.
  4. Direction of bedroom as per Vastu. Ideally, the bedroom at south-west brings good health and prosperity for the home owner and enhances longevity. Avoid a bedroom in the north-east or south-east zone of the house. In the south-east, it may result in quarrels among the couple. The bedroom in the north-east may cause a health issue
  5. Avoid sleeping with legs directly towards the bedroom entrance. It may cause bad dreams as per the study of Vastu. Along with sleeping direction, it is necessary to occupy a bedroom in a specific zone. Place bedroom for the elders, couple, children as well as a guest in the Vastu allowed zones. Avoid metal bed

Vastu Tips: Keep picture of swan in bedroom for a happy married life Acharya Indu Prakash states that a pair of swans are considered a symbol of love, so it is good to put a picture in the bedroom Vastu for couple's bedroom. Bedroom Vastu for couples should be as such that the ambience results in strengthening the relationship. If the couple is the master of the house, then the bedroom should be in the southwest direction. If the couple is newlywed and living with elder brother/working parents, then the bedroom should be in the northwest Put Up Happy Pictures; Family Photos Must Be In South West Direction. According to Vastu for bedroom for married couples, pictures in your bedroom can affect your relationship with your spouse. As per Vastu, place family pictures in the south west direction. If you have wedding pictures or any other couple pictures place them on the east wall. Symbols, art, photos, or paintings for home as per Vastu Symbols, arts, or paintings impact our subconscious mind which controls more than 90% of our behaviors and decisions. There are a number of arts, symbols or paintings exits in your home or workplace which bring inspiration, coolness, creativity, and also comfort to your life Family photo in South-West and couple photo in West direction is highly recommended. Strictly avoid a master bedroom in North-East, South-East, North-West. One should strictly avoid pictures or portraits depicting violence, sadness, stormy situations or anything that portray the negative side of life

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  1. In Vastu Shastra today, Acharya Indu Prakash is here to tell you about the advantages of keeping a pair of elephants at home. According to Vastu Shastra, keeping an elephant couple in the house is.
  2. Let's have a look at some of the tips given in Vastu Shastra for a happy married life: 1. • The position of the Bedroom: The bedroom of a married couple must be situated in Southwest or Northwest direction. Southwest direction is considered good for couples as this direction ensures love, increase the bonding and understanding between the.
  3. Which bedroom bring us kids. Narayan Agrawal told about you, we are looking for urgent help, also inform us bedroom direction for a couple as per Vastu. Can we keep family photos in our bedroom?, like to know where should we arrange the smoke alarms in each bedroom or sleeping room and between the sleeping rooms are the remainder of the.
  4. 11. Deity idols as well as photos of departed souls should be strictly avoided in the bedroom. 12. Family photo in South-West and couple photo in West direction is highly recommended. Though these.
  5. The elephant pose you need is with the trunk pointed down. In Vastu décor, it is believed that the elephant's pose with a downward trunk provides the necessary energy to push against any obstacles and be successful with the elephant's strength. The downward direction of the trunk also allows the elephant to accumulate and store positive energy
  6. According to Vastu Shastra, Clocks should never be kept in front of your bed position. 2. Clocks in North Direction of the House. When your clock or wall clock is placed in the North position, it is considered auspicious as the North direction represents the Water Element in Vastu. North positioned clocks is also said to attract wealth and.
  7. This direction is calculated using your anniversary date. Keeping such pictures in the bedroom can inspire a sense of peace, love and romance in couples. Vastu experts believe this can help in enhancing love and understanding between partners. Constructing a bedroom in the north-east direction should be strongly avoided by couples

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  1. 6 vastu tips for keeping bedroom romance alive (view pics) New Delhi: With each year passing it seems difficult for some couples to keep the spark alive in their mundane lives
  2. Vastu mirror position is quite essential, which is why you should never place a mirror in front of your bed. Doing so can lead to nightmares! Reflection can bring positive energy. Use Mirrors to Deflect Negativity. Mirror Direction as per Vastu plays an important role in keeping negativity away
  3. Location of bedroom in North-East may cause conceiving problem for the couple. It also results in frequent sickness. Proper planning as per Vastu can purposefully direct, regulate, and enhance the flow of positive energy in private surroundings. Read the popular article on Sleeping position-direction as per Vastu
  4. At times, ignoring Vastu guidelines also brings in fights between young couples and family members. All these unintentional reasons can also be caused due to non-consideration of Vastu guidelines. Vastu Shastra considers cosmic energies caused by five important elements of life primarily fire, sky, air, earth and space
  5. Vastu Tips. Vastu suggests that the best direction or section to keep the Puja room or Mandir is the north-east direction. Hence it is safe to keep any idol in this direction. The pictures and idols should face the West Direction and the person offering prayers should face the East Direction, this is considered excellent Vastu Shastra
  6. Vastu is believed to be with a lot of sense and in most cases there is a natural explanation to it and why to follow the favourable sleeping directions. Vastu suggests some favorable sleeping directions as per the date of birth of an individual, depending on which you position your bed and sleeping directions, which has its own various advantages
  7. * Keep your head in the south direction while sleeping. * For a happy married life, make sure there are no single pieces of decoration in the room, such as a single duck or a single butterfly. Keep them in twos, symbolic of love. * Family photo in south-west and couple photo in the west direction is highly recommended

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  1. ate the relationship as well. According to Vastu Shastra, wooden beds should be preferred in the couple's bedroom. Bedroom should be prefect square or rectangular, that ensures peace and love in life. Avoid irregular shaped rooms completely
  2. Dont Overlook The Vastu For Couple Photos In Bedroom. Vastu for bedrooms is a good way to ensure that you rest well and are all charged up to take on the day. For comprehensive info on bedroom vastu click this link Bedroom vastu. Vastu Master Bedroom Vastu For Sleeping Positions. As per Vastu place family pictures in the south west direction
  3. Ideal mandir directions as per Vastu Jupiter is the lord of the north-east direction, which is also called as the as 'Ishan kona', explains Jayshree Dhamani, a Vastu Shastra and astrology expert. Ishan is Ishwar or God. That's how it is the direction of God/Jupiter. Hence, it is advisable to keep the temple there
  4. Avoid placing an aquarium in bedroom. For better relationship use couple photos (e.g.: Radha Krishna, wife and husband, love birds, etc.) in the bedroom at relation direction. The experts at Saral Vastu are proficient in Vastu tips for couples. Get in touch with the experts and defuse the tension between couples before they explode
  5. Vastu Shastra suggests the placement of lampshades with soft or pastel colored lighting in the South-West direction of the bedroom in order to rejuvenate the flagging love life
  6. Some of the tips about the direction and location of paintings and pictures to leverage maximum positive effects are: Everyone loves to have family pictures and portraits displayed in one's home. The best place to hang these pictures is the South-West wall, as this placement increases bond and harmony between the relationships
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A couple more Vastu pictures for home entrances Save. 4 BHK Interior at Krishwi Dhavala—Ms Suwarcha While paintings or art can add beauty and positivity to the home entrance, you should be aware that there is an ideal Vastu direction for hanging pictures. Also, specific types of pictures or images enhance good luck when they are placed in. Vastu Tips for Newly Married Couples: 11 Vastu Tips will Rekindle Love in Marriage. Apr 29, 2021 246. Facebook; This can be ensured by using blue or purple hues in the north-east direction. Seeing the new marriage, we feel that both love hearts will be immersed in romance, but in most cases, the feeling of understanding each other and. To Begin. When you begin your design, line the house up with the cardinal directions (N,S,E,W). Slight adjustments to this will be made by your Vastu expert and is dependent on the direction the front door is facing. Begin with a rectangle of 81 modules with 9 modules on each side (9×9=81) 20 vastu tips for balconies. Anchor: Relin Hedly Photograph: myvaastu.in According to vastu, areas like balconies, verandahs and roof play a major role in balancing the overall energy of the house. Having a balcony in the wrong direction can negate all the good planning done.. Master Bedroom Vastu For Couples: According to Vastu, if a family consists of married couples and other unmarried members, only married couples can share the master bedroom. A regular-shaped bedroom is preferable to one with cuts and curves added to enhance the room's appearance. Sleeping Direction As Per Vastu

West facing house vastu images, this west facing house vastu link has several images which direct you to understand the knowledge of west direction. Vastu for south facing home, why many inhabitants fear to buy the South facing homes, is all South direction homes are giving bad results. Is it fact to believe, read our articles #vastu #astrology #Bedroom Vastu Tips Bedroom Vastu Tips for Couples by Enlightened Life & Vastu Guru Dr. Puneet ChawlaIf your bedroom in north west that a.. As per Vastu Shastra do not place any bedroom in the South-East direction of the main building as it leads to unnecessary quarrels (this does not means that there are necessary quarrels also ) between husband and wife, inefficient expenditure increases and the couple has to face lot of difficulties •Achieve Financial Growth, Close Boring from SOUTH-WEST Zone. • If your household appliances are breaking down again and again, look for green colour in the SOUTH-SOUTH-EAST zone of your home you can use shades of red. • Add Power in your Brand with 12 Red Horses in SOUTH Vastu Zone. • Anticlockwise Staircase in NORTH-EAST Direction gives you more Clarity and enhances Creative Ideas According to Vastu Shastra, there are many home décor items that add to your peace, happiness and overall well-being. MakaaniQ lists some of the home décor items that will bring you good luck. Buddha at the main entrance. Keeping Buddha statue at the main entrance is a divine way to decorate your home. Placing Buddha statue at the front door.

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An auspicious place for family photos is on the walls of a staircase landing. The stairs carry the chi energy to the rooms upstairs and the photos capture some of this auspicious energy when placed here. You can set a grouping of family photos on a coffee table, end table, or library sized table in the family room Apr 21, 2021 - Explore renu singh's board Vastu on Pinterest. See more ideas about vastu shastra, vastu house, feng shui tips

Vastu Shastra Tips: Kids Room Decor. Vastu Shastra Tips for Kids Room Decor. Do not have any television in kid's room as it affects their power to focus. Keep the décor simple and room free of clutter. Do not have sharp lights on study table. Avoid having too many gadgets installed in your kid's room as they create negative energy Hindu Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architecture of house and apartments. These Vastu Shastra tips, which is actually the Vastu guide of the house, include the Vastu knowledge of the kitchen, Vastu tips of the room and master room, Vaastu instructions of the worship room and the use of the correct home Vastu Place family pictures on the southwest walls and couple-pictures on the west wall. If you are a couple, make sure that there are no single-identity decorative items like a single swan or bird. Instead, go for a pair of dives or love birds. Metal bed foundations or two beds joined together should be avoided. Lifting the Bedroom Vibe with Vastu.

Top 25 Vastu Tips To Overcome Infertility. Here are Vastu tips for pregnancy and to enhance your fertility. You must put picture of happy babies in your bedroom. Don't sleep under the beam. Chose master bedroom in southwest direction as this direction will boost romance and fertility in your life. Keep your head towards south direction A west side bedroom is the best for children. An eastern bedroom can also be used for unmarried children or for guests. But under any condition a newly web couple should not be allowed to use this room. The north-east is the direction of the deities therefore, no bedroom should be in this direction According to Vastu shastra, by keeping it you can boost up your work speed with the energy of this picture. Because Running horses depicts speed which indicates the symbol of success, progress, and strength. (7 running horses painting Vastu direction

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Vastu Purush pooja at House warming (Vaastu Shanti) will reduce the Vaastu Dosh. Put together Vastu purush idol, Nag (snake) prepared from silver, Copper wire, pearl and Powla, in a red cloth with red soil and keep this in the East direction of the house. This is a effective Vaastu Dosha Remedy * Vastu lays down guidelines for each and every aspect related to a house or office premises. Right from the purchase of land, construction of the various rooms, to placement of furniture, painting and decorating it, Vastu suggests ideal choice, direction and position for each of it As per Vastu sleeping in this direction can result into childlessness for the newlywed couple. As per Vastu it is not advisable always to use a metal bed even though they are in fashion these days, wooden beds are considered more auspicious for married couples Couple photos should be displayed in the west direction. North to East Area Is Significant While it is important to keep your home and especially bedroom clean to allow the positive energies flow in, the North to East area of the house among all is most significant to keep clean and clutter-free Often married couples have a bedroom, where they get privacy. But each place is made by the rules of Vastu shastra, so it is very important to apply Vastu guidelines to make marital life successful. Bedroom location. The bedroom of the married couple is built in the southwest or northwest direction of the house

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The bedroom is the only place of your house, where you spend most of the time in an entire day. Hence the place should look just the way you want but keep in mind that the color scheme and the door and windows location should also comply with Vastu Shastra for home.The ancient architectural system defines some useful bedroom Vastu tips for married couples and other Vastu tips for the bedroom. Vastu shastra is a traditional Indian science of architecture. The architectural designs as per Vastu aims to integrate architecture with 5 cosmic elements of nature i.e. Vayu (air), Jal (water), Agni(fire), Akash(space), Prithvi (earth).. As per Vastu shastra, there are spaces in your home which belong to the particular elements of nature. You have to arrange your rooms as well as furniture. Vastu Tips for Bedroom. A bedroom in the North : This is the ideal direction for young couples and also for storing valuables, important papers, cash, jewellery etc. A bedroom in the North East : This direction should not have any bedroom since it is the sacred space of the house. A bedroom in the East How Vastu Shastra Affects Marriage. As per vastu shastra, certain defects in a home, leads to delay in marriage, clashes among husband and wife after marriage, separation and even divorce. Note that separation and divorce are two different things. Separation: A couple isn't living together but they are still married Feng shui symbols for married couples. Feng shui is all about using the right symbols to draw bring harmony and peace to one's life. So, when you are decorating your house with your new spouse, you should make sure that the place has some good feng shui for married couples, for this will certainly spice up your life and keep the romance levels high

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Paintings and portraits play a vital role in home and office if placed as per vaastu - shastra. In Vaastu, paintings can influence and support energies; bringing in plenty of luck across spheres, such as finance, education, relationships, health, children and social status-quo, amongst many others. A Vaastu painting not only invokes a spark. Presence of Vastu dosha in your bedroom would harm your love life. We brought you some Vastu tips that can bring love, happiness and prosperity in your married life. So, let's know about them. Direction for Photos. Nowadays, couples take lots of pictures of their D-day, honeymoon or many other occasions But if there is any Vastu dosh in South Direction, it results in financial and health problems and breakups in the couple's relation. So you must keep in mind that -- 1- Never make any entrance Gate in the southeast corner of the South facing the house Vastu Guidelines For South-East Bedroom. The South-east direction in Vastu is considered to be like a well-wisher who is sensitive yet angry by nature if not complied with properly. Lord Agni is the owner of this direction while its representative planet is Venus (Shukra). The sun, the provider of heat, energy and light, is the strongest when.

Nothing boosts our attitude and overall approach like positivity in our homes. We become more efficient and calm when we are positive. Vastu Shastra for home is an ancient Indian science of architecture that suggests various principles of designing home through which positive energy flows in our house. Most of the people today want their homes according to the House Vastu principles Positive magnetic energy flows from the North. When sleeping, head should be face South. Avoid placing head on the bed in a Northern or Eastern direction, since this can cause stress. According to Vastu Shastra wooden beds are better than metal beds. A married couple's bedroom should be an oasis of calm and peace West facing house Vastu is an interesting topic to dwell upon. This is because a west facing house is generally the third choice for most people. A North facing house or an East facing house as per Vastu is the most preferred choice of most people. For them, these two are the most auspicious directions followed by West facing houses Relationships - Relationships can be improved using paintings of birds and flowers, hearts, romantic scenes, happy couple photos and more. Dos and Don'ts As per Vaastu and Fengshui , there are some do's and don'ts about paintings that you should keep in mind

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The most ideal direction for keeping a bedroom in a house is the South-West direction. As per Bedroom Vastu tips, this direction is good for attracting prosperity and good health at home. Directions such as North- East or South-East should be avoided. Vastu Shastra Experts say that the South-east direction causes conflicts among the couples. Vastu prescribed articles act as a source of positivity and keep continuity in the energy inflow. However, important is the placement of articles. Everything we bring in our abode encompasses one of the five elements, be it a glass object, metal item, electronics, painting, wall art, or wooden décor etc. and it is imperative to place them in. We are giving away each images digitally printed on A3 size high quality photo paper on cost to cost bases. Each image will have information on which direction to place them. Today's article is on Vastu Tip for North of North-West direction/zone. Make most of this zone as this is the zone of Attraction and Sex

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The best direction of the toilet seat, according to Vastu, is in the south-east or north-west side. This should be in such a way that a person using it is not facing either the east or the west. 5. Windows should open out along the east, north or west in your bathroom. 6. Constructing the toilet a couple of feet above the ground is a good idea. 7 Elephant is used for a variety of reasons in Vastu Shastra & Feng Shui: LOVE -The elephant can be displayed to promote love and fidelity among couples. For this enhancement of your marriage, place the elephant or two elephants either in your bedroom, study, or office. A mother and baby elephant together symbolizes bonding with childre Vastu for photos in the bedroom suggests keeping family photographs on the southwest wall of your bedroom. Direction of bedroom as per Vastu Ideally the bedroom at. Good as per vastu. Doing this will help strengthen family relationships. According to vastu if the door doesnt open completely chances of getting good luck reduces. Vastu Feng Shui. Also, place a bowl of Vastu salt near your study table to create positive vibes. 9. Do not use material from an old building in a new one. Old patterns and old negative incidents will be repeated. 10. Extension of the house in North-East direction is a major Vastu defect that needs immediate correction. 11 1- Best Vastu Zone For The Bedroom of Married Couples- According to vastu shastra, it is advised to have the master bedroom in the South-West (SW) zone for the couples. South-West zone brings positivity to the relationship, enhances mutual understanding and most importantly this place provides stability to the marital life

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Firstly, it is important to select an appropriate direction for a couple bedroom. According to Vastu Shastra, a Couple's bedroom should be located in the North-West direction. Secondly, a Couple must sleep with their head towards South and feet in the North direction. Thirdly, avoid placing of mirrors right in front of the bed According to Vastu expert, a married couple should sleep in the south direction by head and foot in the north direction. It does not have negative energy in the house. If you are older in the house, you should be in the north-west direction of the house with your wife Sep 27, 2019 - Explore NAKASHI's board VASTU on Pinterest. See more ideas about east direction, bedroom colors and moods, couples classes We ignore the importance of different room location in house where Vastu principles says when when directions are not correct everything goes incorrect. Areas covered in Vastu Services are 1. Vastu for Puja room 2. Vastu for Kitchen 3. Vastu for Bed Room, couples bed room, bathroom, toilet 4. Vastu for drawing room, dining room, living room. The colors of couple's bedroom should be light and bright. There should not be nude or scary pictures on the walls. The sleeping posture ideally be head towards west. 5 Tips for Children's Bedroom. The West direction is governed by Deity Varun; the direction is ideal for student

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The northeast direction should not have any bedroom since it is the sacred space of the house. A bedroom in the east direction is ideal for unmarried children. A bedroom in west direction is ideal for students. A bedroom in the northwest is best for newly-wed couples. The children's bedrooms should be in the northwest or west Having wall clocks in the right direction as per Vastu can bring in positive energy and avoid ill-effects in your homes or offices. We have listed 5 effective vastu tips to place wall clock in the right direction to ensure the presence of positive energy throughout every corner of the house North Direction: This direction is governed by diety Kuber. This is the ideal direction for young couples and also for storing valuables, important papers, cash, jewellery etc . A bedroom in the North East : This direction is governed by Diety shiv.This direction should not have any bedroom because it is the space of Worship room Tips for Vastu bedroom Preferred direction. The best position for a Master Bedroom is south-west as it brings good health and prosperity. This direction denotes the Earth Element and hence represents immobility and stability. The east or north-west direction is the best while constructing a bedroom for your kids Vastu for bedroom suggests that one can place a mirror in bedroom in the North, East and West directions.. However, one must avoid placing a mirror in the South East, South and South West bedrooms. NOTE: You may read our excellent blog26.03.2021 to know everything you'll ever need to know about Mirror Vastu. If at all a mirror is essential in these bedrooms, it is best to cover it with a.

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Direction of Bed Rooms For Family & Friends . If marriage is regarded as a longtime relationship which is based on mutual love, affection and trust, and also as one that can generate lasting happiness, then Vastu recommends the Northwest as the highly proper direction for having a bedroom for the newly-weds Bedroom direction: According to Vastu, bedroom must not be made in south east or north east. Bedroom must be in south-west. This will improve the health of owner as well as bring prosperity. If the bedroom is in the north east then it will cause health issues. And if the bedroom is in south east then it will cause disturbance in the life of couple Vastu tips for Home. 3. Living Room: Direction: East/North. In vastu tips for home, The living room is a place which is occupied in the morning by the members of the house. Therefore, by locating it in the east or north, one can ensure the morning sunrays enter the room. This can elevate the energy levels of the people According to ancient science of directions, Vastu Shastra peace and harmony reign through bedroom if the room is located in right direction. A properly located bedroom provides complete relaxation after a weary day and also brings good things into life. Here are given the facts which explain complete vastu for bedroom Importance of Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra is an architectural science that primarily focuses on different directions of a living space amalgamating the five elements of nature - earth, water, fire, air, and space - to create a compatible atmosphere for the occupants of a place infused with happiness, peace, prosperity, and good health

Vastu Shastra for the bedroom has gained a lot of priority and significance over the years. You have got positive energy while resting, to have a sound sleep and peace of mind. A bedroom should be in the South-west corner of the home. Avoid bed alignment with any corner. Avoid sleeping with your legs towards the south Master bedroom in north west vastu remedies. Use lavender incense or aroma in the room. Youngsters will certainly come to be hyper and also do not have focus if positioned in North- West. Avoid positioning the master bedroom the servant room or the study room in this direction. Do the needful remedies using master bedroom vastu for east facing. See, Vastu Consultant Mr Rohit Guptaa always say that Till the time you don't know the Vastu, you will not believe it, so it is very important to learn it And that is the reason that Mr. Rohit Guptaa is teaching Vastu for Free of Cost. Vastu is not a myth, its based on Nature elements only i.e. Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space The South-West direction denotes the earth elements, governed by the demon 'Nairutti' and its corresponding planet Rahu -- one of the fiercest planets, as pe According to Vastu, constructing the Master Bedroom in the right position, brings wealth, peace, happiness and prosperity into the family. Master Bedroom should be positioned in the South-West Direction as per Vastu Shrastra. By doing so couples get enhanced boost in their love life, wealth and happiness

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VASTU FOR CHILDREN ROOM Here are some Vaastu tips for children's room: 1. The apt direction for constructing children's room is west. North or East directions can also be used for constructing kid's room. 2. Vastu for children room suggests that a married couple should not use East direction bedroom According to vastu shastra, this is considered auspicious. Windows are a great way to let negative energy out, and vastu specialists recommend having a couple of them in the kitchen. An exhaust is also required, and it should be positioned in the east direction to allow all negative energy to escape

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Vastu for Love | Love Vastu | Vastu Shastra for Love - Vaastu The door of the attached toilet must be kept shut and the toilet seat cover should be kept down, when not in use. Paint your walls in light green, light rose or blue. Successful Marriage and Vaastu | Tips For Married Couple | Dr Puneet Chawla #NewVideo please Like Share Subscribe My Channel #livevastu #vastu #marriage..