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01- beat the meatles 02- mersey moptop faverave fabgearbeat 03- the fab four! adventures in hamburg 04- fuck (help lp cover parody) the october, 1977 issue of national lampoon was dedicated to the beatles. national lampoon magazine is an humor magazine published in usa by national lampoon, inc goofing with the beatle The bottom of the cynical cesspool. Great issue, probably the last real classic from the P.J. O'Rourke regime. I loved the public-service ads that presented Beatlemania as a real disease (please help fight Beatlemania), and the 16 take-off with the Beatles and the Dave Clark Five attacking each other with knives and meat cleavers

The Beatles Beatles National Lampoon. It was printed by National Lampoon Magazine. It is 118 pages long. It is mostly printed in black & white. The front and back cover and many pages and ads are printed in full color A: That was a piece called Beat the Meatles by Chris Miller from the October 1977 (Beatles) issue. It also appeared in the March 1985 (Best of 15 Years) issue, which is a good thing since a page of it is missing in the scan of the 1977 issue that appears on the National Lampoon Complete [sic] DVD-ROM The New York Post comes out with an explosive front page highlighting that story titled: Beat The Meatles. According to Paul McCartney, John Lennon and him masterbated together with a group of friends. This was in their pre-fame days where they would hang out at Lennon's house and a group of friends would be sitting around, in the dark; one.

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Ramis' first film project was with Lampoon co-founder Kenney and Beat the Meatles author Chris Miller, that being the comedic milestone National Lampoon's Animal House, which starred Belushi as the manic-depressive Bluto and Kenney as The Stork. For the unwashed, the film broke box office records after its release in 1978, and. Beat the Meatles In October 1977, National Lampoon devoted an entire issue to The Beatles. Chris Miller wrote a hilarious piece titled Beat the Meat... American Psycho, part 3: The Bloodening. Ryan McFadyen Shortly after an exotic dancer claimed she was raped at a Duke University lacrosse team party, a member of the squad. This is from Imus in the Morning a few years back. The skit was the Black Beatles. Too funny..... Sorry no video on this. It was my first try at Movie maker

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You graduated to National Lampoon from Mad back in the day. That was how it went for me. We began to get Mad magazine back in 1973 (the first issue we ever got had satires of A Clockwork Orange and the Exorcist), but it seemed pretty tame to me by the time I hit my teens in the early 80's, and I began reading National Lampoon at a friend's. National Lampoon's Pucked Tiny 2009 A Letter to Dad Kathy Brown 2010 Happythankyoumoreplease The Gynecologist 2010 The Invited Kristy 2012 Mayfly Deb Short. Beat the Meatles by Tim Hatcher and Keith Alcorn Science Facts! - The Mayfly Has a Lifespan of 2 Hours by Michael Adams, Ted Minoff and Greg Pair Sex NATIONAL LAMPOON: THE IRON ON BOOK [1976; Front cover has Topless Girl with Iron-On imahge over her bare Breasts; Sixteen Original Designs for your Chest, including; Nixon's Revenge, Genuine Fruit, Better Dead than Read, National Geographic (with image of nude Black Woman's Breasts), I am a Prisoner in a Cuban Homo Farm, Stoned Agin, Zimmerman. Bubba's Brain: Beat the Meatles. Bucky Goldstein: I do believe Dr. H has been nipping at the rat cheese... Dexter Fong: Bunnyboy: There's a new 4 CD box set of Classic National Lampoon out right now. Dexter Fong: Kend: Head to Mexico....They don't car

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