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Château Burrus is a neo-baroque style mansion built 1905 by Maurice Burrus, a wealthy tobacco manufacturer and industrialist of Swiss decent. The villa is the Burrus family home. During my visit, the chateau is still in immaculate condition. Impressive is the ornate stairway, leading up to a glowing sky-lit lounge DANS LE CHATEAU ROYAL D'UN ALLEMAND (PIANO, DIVANT EN OR) [URBEX INTERDIT]Faire un don : https://www.tipeee.com/mathieu-milliot-realisation-videoL'UrbEx.. THE ABANDONED CASTLE IN BELGIUM. This castle named 'Château de la Foret' or 'Château de Moulbaix' is abandoned since 2005. The picturesque castle with 344 windows was designed in 1860 by Athois architect Désiré Limbourg. From the end of the Middle Ages, the Chasteler family owned most of the village of Moulbaix

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The exterior of the beautiful Castle of Light. Built and completed by 1903, this little castle was architecturally styled in Neo-Baroque. It was classified as a historical monument in 1993 and remains under its protected status. It has over 30 rooms, an elevator, 4 floors and a floor space of 1,000 meters squared. Marble walls in lavish bathrooms Villa Bom (BE) - A formely hotel, somewhere in the Belgian Ardennes. June 22, 2021. March 18, 2017 by Pepper. During a holiday trip in the Belgian Ardennes, on our way to the beautiful city of Durbuy, we passed this abandoned building. There is not much information to be found about this urbex location, but what I know is that it used to be a. This is 'Chateau en Colimaçon', the spiral castle, an abandoned mansion north of Paris. A first house was built in 1880 and the owner built a second one in 1897 next door. The whole was sold in 1913, the new owner enlarged the second house in 1919. The two houses have more or less merged to become the castle as it is visible today

Je vous prèsente un lieux abandonnée depuis quelque mois car impossible de financier la fin des travaux demandé Ce château complètement abandonné depuis plusieurs années est caché au milieu de la campagne française.On découvre lors de notre exploration des moisissures. Château Secession, France. May 1, 2017. France , Residential. Château Secession is a large abandoned mansion in France. There are records of the chateau dating back to the 12th Century. The chateau we visited was built on this site later, during the 18th century. Another name for this location is Château de Le Quesnel

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  2. Chateau VP is a Belgium castle (or, Kasteel) of significant grandeur. The grounds surrounding Chateau VP encompass nearly 60 hectares (over half a square kilometer), the castle itself is surrounded by an imposing moat. History of the Castle. The exact year of origin of the castle is unknown, but there are references dating back to the late 1300s
  3. Chateau Red Carpet. The main draw of Chateau Sarco is the two storey tall, 100m square entry hall. The blood-red carpet covering the wide marble stairs draw your eye like a magnet. The upper landing has a circular cut-out with ornate floral-themed black iron balustrades. Both levels feature chessboard black-and-white chequered tiled floors
  4. Château Miranda was a 19th-century neo-Gothic castle in Belgium. It also goes by the names Château de Noisy, Chateau Noisy, Noisy Castle or Kasteel Miranda. This fairy tale castle stood cloaked in woodland atop a sizeable hill. Brightly coloured ceilings with many arches and columns greet you upon entering the main doorway
  5. Château des Bustes. Château des Bustes is an abandoned castle in France. The castle is characterized by the beautiful living room with long dining table and beautiful statues. Because it is still well preserved, it is also a well-known place for urban explorers. The castle is somewhere in the countryside of France
  6. Urbex: Château Gryffindor, France - September 2015. Visited this Castle with Donna twice over the space of our 2 day trip, the first time we arrived pretty late in the day, light was fading and we still had a fair drive to our planned hotel for the night and so we had a quick look around the inside and decided to leave it until we had better.
  7. Chateau Banana is an abandoned chateau in France, featuring some very kitschy and eclectic furniture. It is located part way up a hill, on the outskirts of a small French town in the mountains. It is possible that Chateau Banana was in the process of being converted into some sort of kitsch-themed hotel, being used in the meantime to store the.

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Apr 15, 2021 - www.massifcentral.icon6.co Part 2 of my Urbex visit to Château de Noisy aka Château Miranda. This Castle which could almost be considered a ruin at this stage is an Urban Explorers paradise. The building looks like an abandoned Disney castle with spiraling turrets and a dominant clock tower. Truly an amazing site Urbex: Château Du Cavalier, France - May 2014 (revisit) Urbex: Château de Singes aka Castle of Monkeys aka Chateau la Folie, France - March 2014 Urbex: Château Lumiere, Somewhere, France - April 2014 Urbex: Prison H15, France - March 2014 (revisit 2) Urbex: Château Face Off, France - June 2016 Urbex: Château de Singes aka Castle of Monkeys aka Chateau la Folie, France - May. The castle was estimated to be constructed somewhere during the 15th or 16th-century by the son of the Duke of the area. The castle remained occupied until the beginning of the French Revolution. During this event, more than half of the castle was burned and destroyed. The main entry door below the central tower. Topped by a Gothic arch Chateau Lumiere - Dutch Traveljunk's road to 100 countries. Road trips, Travel, Urban Exploring. Urbex. Chateau Lumiere. 28 juli 2020 door Ran Groetjes. Kijk dit verlaten kasteel dan van binnen ! Geheel in die mooie oude neo-Barokstijl

The abandoned Château Lumiere, Built by a descendant of a wealthy tobacco tycoon the Neo-Baroque style building was erected in the early 1900's. The property apparently benefits from some historical protections from the government, it has however remained abandoned since the 1950's and despite several changes in hands no-one has returned to occupy the place.. Check out our urbex chateau france selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops

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MANOIR ULTRA VIOLET / ULTRA VIOLET MANSION. € 3,99. Add to basket. WORLD : ALL COUNTRIES ON WEBSITE. € 599,99. Add to basket. MAISON DA VINCI / DA VINCI HOUSE. € 3,99. Add to basket Urbex, short for Urban Exploration, is growing massively in popularity. It involves exploring abandoned buildings, both outside and inside. The illegal pastime - for that is what it is - has caught on all over the world, but with its hundreds of empty châteaux, France is a particularly rich territory. Raphaël Lopez and Marie de La Roche.

The Chateau Cinderella is really the Castle of Cense au Bois, along the Route d'Ath, in the city of Mons, provine of Hainaut, Belgium. Cobweb covered lace curtains whispering secrets of a forgotten manor. A park of 15 hectares surround this glorious chateau. With freshly cut grass; the grounds are maintained and nearby there are busy roads. A large abandoned chateau in France featuring a marble staircase and ironwork railings Visited April 2017 France Abandoned Built in the 1920s, Château Sarco replaced an earlier mansion on the same location when a father left the estate to his son Urban decay and exploration abandoned building,Chateau D'Ah, Belgium Black and white urbex. Light on the atic, spooky and creepy urbex photography of old abandoned building, Urban exploration of haunted mansion, Chateau D'Ah. Castle stairs. Light coming from open door and window onto Victorian staircase. Mysterious hounted building Visit date August 24 2019 at 15 hr. Visit duration 1 hour. The Chateau Wolfenstein or Chateau C. was really stunning. This mansion was build in 1931 by a baron, whose family sold it to the national federation of war victims. After that it became a sanatorium and a retirement home for war victims and prisoners during WWII until it was closed few. Château Lumière. This is Château Lumière, a castle in the French region of Vosges. Chateau Lumiere is a beautiful castle, built in Renaissance style. Because it is still well preserved, it is also a well-known place for urban explorers. We visited this castle during our urbex trip through France, where we visited Manoir Colimaçon, Airplane.

The chateau's official blog is regularly updated with pictures of their progress, speckled with Karina's insights on living as an expat in a rural French village. The 11,000-square-foot estate, built in the 1740's, holds a lot of surprises up its sleeve, in its gallows, and within every dusty crevice. 13th-century paintwork covers the. Share your urbex stories and experiences. Cookies The urbexshare.com website uses only strictly necessary, functional cookies. Click here to read the Cookie Policy and learn more about why and how we use them. If you want to use the UrbexShare website, you must accept the use of cookies Urbex Direct. Urbex Near Me. Recommended Locations. How does it work? Choose a (or multiple) location(s) you would like to explore. Add the location to your cart. After successful payment you will receive a file with the coordinates. Paste the coordinates in Google Maps or any other navigation app

Chateau Miranda is Here to Break Your Heart. H er turrets sprouted mushrooms, and vines ate up her halls once filled with aristocrats, candelabras, and plushy velvet lounges. It was one of Belgium's grandest castles, but the Chateau Miranda had run out of time —at least according to its guardian, the Count de Liedekerke-Beaufort Château Stromae, sometimes called Castle 65, is a huge abandoned house in France. The house has been left to decay for many years. Built within the grounds of an ancient abbey, the house incorporates some stonework from the original buildings Urbex. Urbex is an abbreviation of Urban Exploration and is all about discovering the stories that are to be found in old forgotten and abandoned buildings. Standing in front of an abandoned building, it is difficult to resist the call of curiosity. What is hidden behind those walls, what stories are there to be found

Driving for two hours into the Vosges, we only just had enough time to wander about the Chateau before heading back home again. The house opposite, we discovered, had several large dogs that barked whenever we got close so we cut through the forest, finding a path beaten into the hill by other explorers. One of our members was bitten by a tick. The history of this abandoned château, largely built in neo-traditional style, dates back to the 13th century. The domain, which was mainly used as a vacation residence, was consecutively owned by various noble families, including the de Ligne family, which owned it until late in the 15th century. Halfway through the 19th century, the. The Chateau Banana is a rather recent discovery even amongst European urbexers, which is why there is only little known about it. Located in the Vosges Mountains, the Chateau Banana most likely originated as a private mansion maybe 80 to 100 years ago on quite a piece of land on the edge of a small town. Luckily my friend Nina and I found a. Chateau De La Foret. History and information about Chateau De La Foret. The castle is located in Moulbaix in the province of Hainaut. It was built by architect Desiré Athois Limburg in 1860 neo-Tudor style in order of Marquis Du Chasteler Oswald. The castle replaces an old house from 1502 and is built on the old feudal fortress, there are.

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Château Goorhof at Grobbendonk, Belgium - Abandoned Castle. This abandoned castle with chapel was founded in 1876 by the wealthy Antwerp shipowner Frans Huger. It is located in a park with century-old beech and chestnut trees. Today nothing remains of the beautiful place that nineteenth-century Goorhof was under the previous owners Château Lindenbosch (BE) - Abandoned, burned down and destroyed. May 3, 2019 by Pepper. Anyone who drives along the A12 from Brussels to Antwerp, or vice versa, knows the Chateau Lindenbosch. The castle was built in 1895. The castle was built as a country retreat bij the Ullens de Medaff family. The last years it esthablished first class.


Urbex Tips. How to find urbex locations? How do you know if the place is really abandoned? Where and how to enter a place + common sense advice; What to put in your backpack? Rules to know to practice Urbex; What is it urbex ? What does the word urbex mean? What is urbex concretely? Urbex Regulation. What does the law say about Urban exploration Château abandonné en Belgique. Construit dans un style renaissance en 1889, ce château comptait à l'origine 12 chambres, 5 salles de bain et 2.400 mètres carrés d'espace habitable. Il est à l'abandon depuis 2006 Urban Exploration: Schloss Vitzenburg - Beautiful Abandoned Manor House On A Vineyard (English and German subtitles are available!) Episode #101High up on an.. Maison Dauwels. € 1.99. Maison Dauwels quantity. Add to cart. Categories: Belgium, East Flanders Tag: coördinaten. Reviews (0) Be the first to review Maison Dauwels. Cancel reply Château Nottebohm (BE) - Abandoned castle in Belgium. June 22, 2021. January 5, 2017 by Pepper. The Château Nottebohm comprises an area of over 58 hectares, within the center an abandoned villa, built in 1908-1909 by the family Nottebohm from Antwerp. Château Nottebohm served as a country retreat for the family and was regularly inhabited.

A beautiful courtyard, decorated fireplaces, moldings on the ceilings, and a lot of glass made this place magical. Our dream came true - we visited abandoned chateau. We saw a legendary place among the urbex buildings. Of course, outside was a performance and we heard nice rock music, so we can say that was the urbex in the rock and roll rhythms Chateau Hogemeyer This castle, also known as Chateau HM or Chateau H, can be found in the central part of Belgium and has a history that goes way back. The original house was build somewhere around 1750 and the baron that used to own the house in 1860, had it renovated into the castle with the build-in chapel, as it is today

A well known castle in the urbex scene. Well known about it's impressive look but also well known about how it is being guarded. Many people got caught here while exploring. Not strange it also has the nickname Chateau de la Police. After 5 minutes we were in a Jeep parked in front of the door. Nothing happened so we continued shooting. After 45 mins we were more or less finished and we. Endroits Abandonnés. This is the Chateau de Pont Remy in the Somme department burnt out on August 13th 2012. Seems it was well known to the French URBEX community as either Chateau Clochard or Chateau Pianiste (there are bits of one still in the rubble). It was going to be restored but the fire saw that one off The Château du Birkenfels is a ruined castle in the commune of Ottrott in the French département of Bas-Rhin.Originally constructed in the 13th century, it was burned down in the 14th century and restored in the 15th. It is surrounded by the Obernai Forest Urbex - Soulphotography. Details. Monastery P. 21/09/2020. This abandoned monastery and school was established in 1806. Over the years the site was expanded and remodeled. In 1839 the Golden Chapel was initiated, but later it was expanded and decorated and in 1846 re-initiated. The result was a large baroque chapel with rich ceiling- and.

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Château Miranda (English: Miranda Castle), also known as Château de Noisy (English: Noisy Castle) was a 19th-century neo-Gothic castle in Celles, province of Namur, Belgium, in the region of the Ardennes.As of October 2017, the chateau has been completely demolished Chateau Lumiere. 2015/09/01 by Florian / Abandoned Kansai. France and Belgium are famous for their sheer unlimited amount of abandoned mansions and villas, some the size of small castles - a kind of look you just can't find in Japan. So when my good old buddy *Gil* suggested to explore the Chateau Lumiere during one of my summer trips to.

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  1. Urbex exploration Sarthe. Yesterday at 1:19 AM ·. Voici le château d'allonnes, ce château possède une longue histoire pour les curieux . This is the castle of allonnes, this castle has a long history for the curious . Translated
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  3. 1/1. The last day of our tour of France in summer 2019 with Becci (Ninja Kitten) and we decided to head to this lovely detached manor house in the French mountains. A fairly simple entry and we were inside. No bananas were inside - maybe a few boxes used to transport bananas - hence the rather hideous name it has been given, and a chateau it.
  4. Take the Belgian Château Miranda for instance. Built at the end of the French revolution and left to the ravages of time in 1991, the visionary castle had until recently been a top urbex destination. Sadly, despite the arrangement of a formal petition and the vehement protests of locals, this year the chateau was completely demolished. S
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  6. Château des Vignes Vertes 1830 wurde dieses Schloss auf den Grun... dmauern einer ehemaligen Burg errichtet. Die Burg wurde bereits im 15. Jahrhundert errichtet. Davon zeugen auch, die noch vorhandenen, Wassergräben. Das im neoklassizistischen Stil erbaute Schloss hat zahlreiche Hinweise auf italienische Architektur

C'est en effet bien triste de voir partir ce château, j'aurais espéré qu'ils gardent ne fut-ce que la tour en guise de mémoire. D'un côté, on peut imager que le coût d'entretien du château aurait été trop élevé, et d'ailleurs je ne suis pas sûr qu'un Miranda rénové aurait attiré autant de curieux que le Miranda abandonné Unique Chateau Posters designed and sold by artists. Shop affordable wall art to hang in dorms, bed... These punny Father's Day tees are so dad, chateau nottebohm, urban exploration, urbex, abandoned, belgium. Chateau Notenboom - Abandoned Castle Poster. By Janne Flinck. $14.89 Château Meillac, Saint-Romain-la-Virvée. 161 likes. Propriété viticole de 16ha en appellation Bordeaux Supérieu Chateau Rouge=> 08.04.2012. Visites de lieux insolites, historiques, patrimoine de notre passé ou simplement curiosités architecturale. Saved by Jamie DeForest. 2. Abandoned Mansions Abandoned Places Mansions Homes Rural Area Urban White Rooms Old Buildings Ghost Towns House Rooms Documented by urbex photographer Bryan Sansivero, Dunnington Mansion sits alone in the middle of a golf course near Farmville, Virginia. Situated on a plot of unkempt land within the swish Manor.

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Keywords: abandoned, train, kranichstein, eisenbahn, verlassen, wagon, waggon, p1070217, p1070253, p1070251, p1070246, p1070244, p1070242, p1070241, p1070235. Candlelit evenings at Vaux le Vicomte (known in French as soirée aux chandelles au Château de Vaux le Vicomte) are a must see in France Un reportage magnifique n'hésitez pas Ayant la réputation d'être le château le plus hanté de France, Bob Bellanca vous emmène à la découverte de cette magnifique demeure du 14ième siècle qui a vu passer de nombreux propriétaires. Dans ce documentaire, réalisé en 2 parties, vous allez découvrir l'histoire des. Image extraite du Voyage pittoresque dans le Royaume des Pays-Bas (1825) Les Archives historiques et littéraires du Nord de la France et du Midi de la Belgique d'Aimé Leroy (1850) nous livrent, en une quinzaine de pages, l'histoire du château fort d'Ecaussinnes-Lalaing. L'ouvrage mentionne une poignée d'illustres visiteurs dont les antiques murs ont préservé l

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The abandoned ruins of the Chateau Clochard (also known as the Chateau Tramp, Castle Bum, Chateau Pianiste and the Chateau de Pont Remy Somme) is in the patch of woods between the La Somme river and 20 Place du Maisniel de Saveuse in Pont-Remy, Picardy, France. The original castle was burned in 1421 by Philip of Burgundy during the 100 Year War. Chateau des Amerois - Mother of Darkness Castle. Jan 17, 2007 Source: apfn.org. In his writings (Bloodlines of the Illuminati, p. 205) and speeches, Fritz Springmeier mentions a secret castle located near the village of Muno in Belgium. This castle would, according to him, be a center of the occult and have a cathedral inside with a dome with.

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During the French revolution, in 1866, the family of the Count from Liedekerke-Beaufort had left the nearby feudal castle of Vèves to hide in a farm outside the village, near Celles. The farm grew and finally became this enormous castle, Château de Miranda, designed by the English architect Milner. After 1970 it was used for activities and. 46°07'41.8N 3°09'06.6E Place de l'Église 03800 Bègues, France Abandoned Chateau / Holiday Hotel aka Urbex Château Formica ou Bayro Oct 24, 2018 - Explore John Rawlins's board Abandoned, followed by 719 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about abandoned, chateau, mansions Urbex groep uit Heers en omstreken. Urbex group from Heers (C) urbex crew haspengouw, all rights re plaatsen gedaan: Kasteel van Heers Farm 1881 Interhotel Lummen Blue Christ Church Val Saint Lambert HFB Ghost Bus Tunnel Chateau Lowenherz Kasteel Hasselbroek Kasteel Hogemeyer SCAR Charbonnage du Renard Villa Sas Villa Delsaert Villa L´Oiseau Bleu Mansion of the Bride Old Mill Chateau. Chateau des faisans (Fr) April 2021. More then two years ago we took a little detour to check out a castle. No doubt abandoned, but no entree point to be found. Some years after someone checked it and found a way in. Of course I was curious what to find inside. The staircase felt a bit like a giant birdcage

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Ruines du château – Montrond-le-Château (25) – LunetoileLa dame blanche du château de Bougey – 70 – LunetoileCHÂTEAU DES DEUX MONDES - Urbex ExplorationVOSGESChâteau de Pierre-de-Bresse – Pierre de Bresse (71

Share your urbex stories and experiences. Visit date July 16 2017 at 5 hr Visit duration 1 hour Lieu très risqué, mais vraiment magnifique One for the inside and one for the outside. The-inside-story. The day started quite early, like half past 3 in the morning (night). we headed west for a abandoned castle called chateau de la police. If you. look at the name you might get a small hint of how hard it is to find and get in and out of the castle without being arrested by police Franco-Belgian Urbex Road-Trip. November 28, 2013. December 4, 2013. • MrDystopia. Months in the planning, 1,000 miles driven, explorers from England, Scotland and Wales join forces to spend 4 days exploring some of the best abandoned locations in Belgium and France. This was to be, in every sense, an epic urbex road-trip The Château de Berne offers a splendid setting for a seminar, a wedding or any other type of private event in Provence. The elegant reception rooms, high-end services, refined luxury, and enchanting exteriors, including a 500-seat amphitheatre, will make for a magical and unforgettable experience. Receptions and events 0; Home; France. Auvergne Rhône Alpes. Ain; Allier; Ardèche; Cantal; Drôm Urbex is an abbreviation of 'Urban Exploring'. The act of urban exploring is going into abandoned and dilapidated buildings that are often fenced off or hidden away from the general public. Photography and documenting the history of the buildings/areas are the two main reasons why people get into the hobby