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Free Shipping Available. Buy on eBay. Money Back Guarantee Let Our Landscapers Add Character To Your Property. Learn More Pea Gravel 10-20mm will be back in stock shortly Samples are available - Order a sample for this product here Pea Gravel is an attractive natural aggregate with chestnut browns and multi-coloured tones and is an inexpensive way to create a beautiful, natural looking feature in any garden area Coverage: 1000kg of 20mm Trent gravel will typically cover 12m² (12m x 1m) at a depth of 50mm. Consists of: 10mm - 20mm Trent gravel. Usage: A mix of angular, rounded and half rounded stone, 20mm Trent gravel or Trent pea stone is ideal for use on driveways, footpaths, borders, water features and ponds

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  1. Great for drives and u0003landscape areas. This is a lovely value natural u0003gravel often known as trent pea gravel. Used u0003extensively as a good all round mulch in all u0003landscaping or ground cover applications. u0003The size ranges from 6-25mm with a good even u0003blend of gradings throughout to suit drives and u0003paths alike
  2. 20mm Gravel, Bulk Bag (122) Write a review £ 43 Purchases this item believing it was yellow as in picture on their website when it turned up it was grey and mixed with pea gravel not 20mm. Had to send it back as started the path in the yellow gravel purchased from another b&q store . B&q need to update the picture on the website
  3. imum weight of 855kg. Each tonne bag covers approximately 10m2 at 50mm/2 deep. Gravel / pea shingle is suitable for creating decorative borders as well as garden areas or gravel paths and driveways. Also used as a pipe bedding material
  4. Overview. This bulk bag of 20mm construction aggregate consists of gravel and shingle that is ideal for mixing with other products when concreting and floor screeding. This can also be used for landscaping and backfilling drains. Minimum packed weight of 800kg +/- 5%. Please note that this product is not suitable for decorative use
  5. Tarmac 20mm Gravel - Major Bag. Product code: 133795. £2.50. £2.50 per EACH. Currently in Stock. Delivery Next day available. Product added for Click & Collect. Product has not been added for Click & Collect. mi
  6. Golden Gravel 10mm. Golden Gravel 20mm. Red Granite 10mm. Red Granite 20mm. Cheshire Pink 14mm. Dove Grey Limestone 10mm. Dove Grey Limestone 20mm. Green Granite 20mm. Cotswold Buff 20mm. Arctic White Marble 20mm. Classic Flint 10mm. Pea Gravel 10mm. Silver Blue Granite 10mm. Multi Spar 10mm. Lomond Gravel 20mm. Polar White 10mm. Derby Gold 10.
  7. Pea Gravel Path My path measures 20 feet by 30 feet wide. I want coverage to a depth of 3 inches with normal pea gravel (96 lb/ft³) costing $45 per US short ton

Gravel with particles between 2 and 4 millimeters. Lag gravel: Surface accumulation of coarse gravel produced by the removal of finer particles. Pay gravel (pay dirt) Gravel with a high concentration of precious metals like gold. The metals can be recovered through gold panning. Pea gravel: Gravel consisting of small, rounded stones in. Jewson Gravel/Shingle 20mm Bulk Bag 800kg. Also known as gravel or stone, shingle is available in a range of sizes from 6mm - 40mm. Most commonly used is 4/10mm and 10/20mm shingle, for drainage purposes. Shingles are suitable for many different construction applications making it an extremely useful and versatile material

Quartz Pea Gravel has a natural brown colour with specks of white and stone, ideal for driveways and landscaping. Quartz Pea Gravel has a natural variation in size ranging from 10-20mm and has generally rounded chippings. Hampshire Gold 20mm Gravel. £ 4.45 - £ 97.95. All Branches In Stock. Select options. Apricot Gravel 14-22mm. £ 5.05. 20mm Pea Gravel/Shingle 40kg. £3.74 Inc VAT. £0.10 Per KG. Add to Trolley. Bulk Buy Saving. 20mm Pea Gravel/Shingle Bulk Bag. (13) £53.94 Inc VAT. £0.06 Per KG Pea Gravel 20mm. £4.99 each or 3 for £12. 9 in stock. Pea Gravel 20mm quantity. Add to basket. Category: Compost, Soils & Aggregates Tags: brown, Gravel, Landscape. Delivery within 2 to 3 days . If you have any enquires please get in touch with us at: bedford@hudsonspc.co.uk . Search our Plants Pea Gravel Pebble in 20mm is a beautiful mix of rounded chestnut brown Gravel with lighter colours mixed through it. This lovely large Pea Size Decorative Stone Pebble is extremely versatile and popular for using on Paths, Driveways, Ground Cover, Flowerbeds, Pot Toppers especially on Pond Plants and Cactus Plants, Indoor use and Flower displays

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Explore our quality & trade standard range of decorative stones and gravel including 20mm gravel, golden gravel & more. Ideal for decorating your garden or driveway with stone chippings & building sand and cement bags Product Availability. Natural Pea Gravel is a naturally rounded pea gravel in shades of dark pink and brown. This is a fish friendly product so suitable for use in all types of water features. Additional information. Size. 10mm £4.99 or 3 for £12, 20mm £4.99 or 3 for £12. Product is avaialble in below zipcode areas 20MM DRIVEWAY GARDEN PEA SHINGLE GRAVEL / PEA GRAVEL - BULK BAG. £55.99. £10.00 postage. 20mm DECORATIVE DRIVEWAY GRAVEL STONE. BULK ORDERS. £59.00. 79 sold. 20mm DECORATIVE COTSWOLD GRAVEL STONE. BULK ORDERS

Choose from the glittering white of our Polar White 10mm, the warm peach and apricot tones of our Peaches Gravel 20mm and the sparkling Everest Blue 14-20mm. Pea Gravel - also known as 'pea shingle' and consists of small, rounded quartz stone which is hard wearing, both weather and stain resistant Pea gravel in the UK ranges in size from 10 to 20mm and comes in a variety of shapes, colours and textures. It is usually a mixed gravel and should be laid to a depth of around 4 to 5cm. This size gravel is one of the most popular for driveways and paths because the size is the easiest to walk on, and it is relatively inexpensive as well Tarmac 10mm Gravel Pea Shingle - Major Bag. Product code: 131882. £2.50. £2.50 per EACH. Currently in Stock. Delivery Next day available. Product added for Click & Collect. Product has not been added for Click & Collect. mi

Pea Gravel also known as 10mm river gravel, is an ideal product to use in the garden, driveway or any landscaping project. These inexpensive and versatile rounded fragments have excellent drainage, erosion prevention, weed blockage and are easy to maintain, making them ideal for covering paths and filling spaces between stone pavers. Additional. Write a review about the product Pea Gravel 20mm and win a Creative Gardens Gift Voucher worth £25. Rating: * Your opinion about this product: * Please note: this review is about the product and not about the garden centre, delivery, etc. If you want to share your opinion about our service, positive or negative, you can contact us directly Suitable for small driveways and large commercial construction projects, our 20mm gravel is an elite choice for those experiencing drainage issues. This is because the 20mm pea shingle has a large surface area which allows water to seep through gaps in between the aggregates, so driveway and car park drainage can become much more efficient

Pea Gravel 20mm £ 3.49 - £ 10.00 Lawn Care; Weed Control; Description. Pea Gravel is available in a mixture of white, brown and stone colours to create a contemporary, natural look in any garden. This product is perfect for general ground cover and for using on pathways, driveways and in plant pot toppings Pea Gravel is an attractive natural aggregate with chestnut browns and multi-coloured tones and is an inexpensive way to create a beautiful, natural... Pea Gravel 10-20mm (50 Poly Bags (1000kg)) Log I 10mm or 20mm Sperrin Pea Gravel : 14mm Wicklow Granite : 10mm or 20mm Lanark Red : 20mm Donegal Quartz : 10mm or 20mm Cotswold: 10mm or 20mm Pink Granite : 14mm Canterbury Spar : 14mm Black / Grey Granite: 10mm or 20mm Autumn Mix: 10mm Black Basalt : 10mm or 20mm Golden Gravel: 14mm Marble Rose: 10mm Taunus Gravel: 10mm or 20mm Roscommon Buff. Raw Crushed Gravel ~ 20mm. Screened Crushed Gravel 20mm / 40mm. Screened Rounded Gravel 20mm. Washed Rounded Gravel 28mm - 30mm. Recycled Asphalt ~ 20mm. Pea Gravel 12mm. Playground Pea Gravel 7mm Washed, Rounded. Washed Sand 5mm. Garden Mulch Pine / Orange / Black Bulk Bag 20mm Gravel. Features and Benefits: Variations in color, texture, particle size, and shape may occur due to the natural characteristics of the stone. 20mm Gravel; Bulk bag (approx. dimension: 75 cm Width x 85 cm Breadth x 95 Height) Minimum fill 800k

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10mm Gravel bag This type of standard gravel is ideal for landscaping projects and used as decorative aggregate for paths and driveways. It is also suitable for use in pipe bedding. ** PLEASE NOTE GRAVEL MAY VARY FROM ACTUAL IMAGE ** As it is a natural product, colour may vary. Coverage: 4 x 25kg Bags will cover approximately 1m² at a depth of. Pea Gravel 25Kg - 20mm. This 25Kg bag of 20mm pea gravel contains a blend of low maintenance natural aggregate, featuring warm chestnut browns and attractive multi-coloured tones. The pea gravel is ideal for drives, pathways, landscaping, water features, and pipe and drainage bedding

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Stylish Stone Premium Pea Gravel 20mm - Large Pack - 19kg. GBP 6.0. £6.00. ZipPay. 4 instalments of £1.50 with zip Learn more. Product Description. Natural Quartzite Stone is a popular hard wearing blend of quartzite pebbles in rich harvest tones. These 10-20mm pebbles are ideal for your paths, patios and driveways whilst also being a great. Jitender Screwfix Select. My local builderz merchant sell all the popular aggregates loose and can by a scoop at a time. If I ask for ballast they will give 1/2 scoop of each 20mm gravel and sharp sand. So yes. Ive done all sorts with this mix from fence posts, footings etc. Jitender, Feb 21, 2020

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  1. Pea Gravel 10mm Down Price: £ 2.50. Bulk Bag £47.00. Washed Gravel 20mm Down Price: £ 3.15. Bulk Bag £47.00. Strawberry Blend 20mm Down Price: £ 3.99. Bulk Bag £57.00. Keith Blue 20mm Down Price: £ 3.65. Bulk Bag £67.00. White Limestone 20mm Down Price: £ 4.50. Bulk Bag £83.00.
  2. Pea Gravel - Daisys Garden Supplies. Pea gravel is a 5-7mm creamy, round shaped pebble. It can be used decoratively in the garden and is used in traditional Japanese gardens. Pea gravel can be used for pathways but, it does not compact
  3. 20mm pea shingle/ gravel: Used on driveways and in gardens as a decorative stone for pathways, borders and water features. Also a suitable aggregate for bedding pipes and soakaways. Available either loose or bagged. When ordering, please tell us about any access restrictions as we have various size delivery vehicles and like to get it right.
  4. Gravel. Gravel is a popular choice if you're looking to transform a driveway, path or garden. Available in either large or bulk bags, our bags of gravel are top selling products that aer easy to apply and need little or no maintenance. Sub-base, with its load bearing properties, is for more constructional use and is compacted to act as a sub.

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Staffordshire Pink Pea Gravel: 20mm £55 10mm £55: Golden Gravel: 10mm / 20 mm £85: Green Granite: 20mm £85: Red Granite: 20mm £100: Plum Slate: 20mm £85 40mm £95: Cotswold Stone: 20mm £85: Play Grade Bark: £90: Recycled Type 1 Certificated 80mm - Dust: From £10.50 + Vat: Oversized Hardcore: Tel: 01782 551 222 For Price: Top Soil: £. 20mm Staffordshire Pink gravel. Our Staffordshire pink gravel is sourced in the West Midlands of England. It has a gorgeous pink hue and is popular for driveways, walking areas, path edging and dressing for planting areas. This product is a classic choice, both to give visual impact and durability in gardening, landscaping and building projects Rainbow Stone 20mm Quartz stone normally used as a decorative mulch or for a feature pathway Cracked Pea Gravel is a crushed, angular alternative to the round pea gravel. Cracked pea is a popular product as it tends to pack down well in comparison to the round pea gravel which can prove a little slippery under foot. A great product for the.


Local gravel, Pea gravel, Forest of dean gravel, Plum slate chippns, Golden gravel, Moonstone gravel, Cotswold gravel, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, West Midlands, Shropshire, decorative aggregates, roof centre (Local 20mm Gravel) is sold in Bulk Bags, Part Bags or as a loose scoop. Pea Gravel - Our 10mm Pea Gravel is sold in Bulk Bags. 20MM PEA GRAVEL BULK BAG,BAG 20MM PEA GRAVEL BULK,Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 20MM PEA GRAVEL BULK BAG at the best online prices at , Free delivery for many products, Compare Lowest Prices Great Quality at Low Prices Tide flow fashion products Free Shipping & EASY Returns is the perfect place to shop online

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  1. Bulk Bags. Aggregate Bulk Bags are the perfect solution where space is limited, access is restricted or there is difficulty with manoeuvrability around the site. Start Your Project Today, Order Online. 0800 587 3329
  2. 20mm gravel / shingle with a multitude of uses as a decorative aggregates for paths, driveways & other construction projects. Please note that being a natural product, sizes and colours are subject to variation. Supplied in .85/m3 or larger bulk bags. Approximate weight: 800kg
  3. Pea Gravel 20mm. Code: PG20HS. £18.00 * Calculate delivery fee at checkout. Description. Features. Benefits. Delivery. Pea gravel 20mm a classic mixture of rounded chippings have a stunning natural brown colour. They are very compact which makes them perfect for landscape, gardens and general ground cover

Our Shire Oak 20mm gravel is also referred to as a 20mm Pipe Bedding. We sell this in two sizes as either a 4/20mm or a 10/20mm. This product contains both rounded and angular particles and although often used for decorative purposes it has a lot of other uses as well Pea Shingle/Gravel 20mm,Jumbo Bag,850-1000kg. 4.5 out of 5 stars 229. £104.04. Available. 25kg Poly Bags and Bulk Bags. Pea Gravel 40mm. Pea Gravel 10mm. Pea Gravel 20mm. Round Gravel 6mm. Round Gravel 14mm. Golden Pea 1-3mm. Golden Pea 2-5mm

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Most of our gravel is available in bulk bags, which are minimum fill of 800KG and poly bags, which are 25KG. To ensure that you have the correct amount for your project. If you are unsure how much aggregate will be required, please use our aggregates calculator. To ensure more variety our gravel and shingle, are also sold in 10mm and 20mm variants Gravel. Our bulk bags of gravel contain quarried, screened and washed gravel that comes in both rounded and angular particles. This gravel is great for tasks such as drainage, making concrete and pipe bedding. Equally, if you're looking for gravel for driveways, garden gravel or just cheap gravel for any outdoor use, we can help 20mm gravel/garden gravel/pea gravel/multicoloured garden pebbles tickhill, south yorkshire 20mm multicolored garden ideal for any garden 10mm also avaliable just ask surpluss stock lots available surplus / 1-2-3 -10 tonne loads avaliable loads delivered in doncaster/call for other ammounts 1-2-3 - 10 tonne loads, we deliver to d. 10mm Pea Grit 10mm Pea Grit 25kg bag £2.88 1/2 Bulk Bag £40.99 Bulk Bag £57.98 20mm Shingle 20mm Shingle 25kg bag £2.88 1/2 Bulk Bag £40.99 20mm Golden Gravel 20mm Golden Gravel 25kg bag £5.03 1/2 Bulk Bag £57.84 Bulk Bag £85.68 20mm Green Griggion 20mm Green Griggion 25kg bag £5.93 1/2 Bulk Bag £67.90. Sharp, Round & Pea Gravel for sale in Boston Lincolnshire. Gravels: The best way to instantly transform any drive, path or garden. Look no further than the wide range of gravels available from TJS Aggregates

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Flamenco Gravel 20mm quantity. Add to basket. EAN: 5060218962688 SKU: VESSFL33 Category: Gravel. Browse. Compost and Soil; Fertilizer and Nutrients; Fountains and Water Features; Garden Furniture; Gravel; Lawn Care; Gravel Pea Gravel 20mm Gravel, also known as garden shingle, can be used to finish a variety of garden or landscaping projects. This includes, driveways, pathways, rockeries, borders, water features and more! There are so many different types of gravel but all our decorative gravel is available in bulk bags, 20kg bags and loose load orders for home delivery Cotswold Buff 20mm Garden Gravel/Chip/Stone. Stewarton, East Ayrshire. 20mm Cotswold Buff is a rich cream coloured stone, it is an angular stone ideal for pathways and drives. Quantity: 1 x Bulk Bag (approx 900kg). Area: Approx 12m2 at 50mm depth Call the office on 01560 485413 for more information Our Pea Gravel is a fish friendly product that has a richer colour when wet it is ideal for ponds and water features. The actual size of the product is 8-16mm - please see our Sizing Information. We also stock 6mm, 10mm and 20mm Trent Pea Gravel. Prices below include VAT and delivery

Pea Gravel 10mm. All prices are per tonne loose. Stone bagged in 1 tonne sacks is €20 extra per tonne. Delivery charge is extra, subject to distance and quantity. Bulk discounts available. Product Price. €40.00. << return to products From £6.99£5.83. Buy View Add to wishlist. Item added to wishlist. Item removed from wishlist. Local delivery. Beatsons 20mm Gravel Down. UNWASHED 20mm cotswold cream £ 6.50 - £ 110.00 This is a special order stone and will be available within 72 hours of your order and may be subject to additional haulage charges

Pea Shingle/Gravel 20mm,Jumbo Bag,850-1000kg. 4.5 out of 5 stars 232. £104.04. Pea Gravel 10mm. Traditional gravel, ideal for use in borders and for footpaths. Pea Gravel's beautiful colour variations ensure it blends with any existing planting scheme and its size gives it excellent drainage properties. Pea Gravel (also known as pea shingle) is perfect in any garden, but is also used in drainage schemes by house builders

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Choose an option Bulk Bag (approx. 900kg) Small Bag (approx. 25kg) Pallet (49x25kg approx) Clear selection. £ 51.99. -. 20mm Drainage Gravel (Pea Gravel) quantity. +. Add to basket. SKU: 180. Categories: Building Materials, Drainage Gravel Pea Gravel. 10-20mm. Click for more information. Green Granite Gravel. 20mm. Click for more information. Cheshire Pink Gravel. 14mm. Click for more information. Polar White Marble. 20mm. Click for more information. Cotswold Gold Gravel. 14mm. Click for more information. Silver Blue Granite. 10mm. Click for more information 20mm Road Crush 20mm Road Crush is a blend of crushed 20mm gravel and sand, used for base fill prep as it compacts well and creates a sturdy surface to build on. C$47.9 Kelkay Plum Slate - 40mm (Large) 4.99. Kelkay Blue Slate - 40mm (Large) 4.99. Kelkay Golden Gravel Chippings (Large) 4.49. Kelkay Premium Quartzite Pea 10mm Pebbles (Large) 4.49. Kelkay Premium Quartzite Pea 20mm Pebbles (Large 20mm Gravel; 100 pea Gravel; 20mm Harvest Gold; 20mm Moonstone; 40mm Plumb Slate; 14mm Weathered Red; For beautiful decorative gravel in Worcestershire, call Wood & Moore Ltd today! If you have any questions, then please call our Worcestershire team on 01384 78519 or 01384 70807 or click here to find out more about any of our decorative gravel.

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Pebbles, gravel and dashing stones. With over 2 decades in the aggregates business, we have extensive knowledge in landscaping and can supply first-class gravel, stones, and pebbles at highly competitive prices. If you are looking for anything specific, such as dashing stones to line your walls, we can help with that too 20mm Gravel is commonly used in most construction projects for a large variety of general applications, including flowerbeds and planting,driveways and path finishing,Decorative feature or borders, drainage areas and much more.. Gravel is produced from washing ballast and is one of the graded gravels that arise. Gravel comes in several sizes to suit different purposes and different looks Description. 20mm Gravel is ideal for surfacing pathways and drives at a relatively low cost and without the need for additional laying expertise. The larger size of this particular product means that it is unlikely to get stuck inside car tyres. Using 20mm Gravel as a decorative surface can also act as an additional security measure, the. Pea Gravel 20mm Description: An ideal aggregate offering a bulk solution for landscaping and garden needs. Long lasting and low maintenance pea gravel is perfect for all driveways, garden borders and paths. Available in 10mm and 20mm

20mm Pea gravel, also known as Staffordshire Pink Gravel, is a popular decorative aggregate and can easily brighten up any garden. This aggregate is particularly useful for driveways and pathway and are an attractive alternative, or to compliment, other stones and gravel Buy the selected items together. This item: Vuba Easihold Resin Gravel Binder (5 Litre Jerry) $70.00. In Stock. Ships from and sold by The Resin Store (Vuba USA). CHAPIN 20000 Garden Sprayer 1 Gallon Lawn $11.21 ( $0.09 / 1 Fl Oz) In Stock. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. Details The small pea gravel can cover up to 1.98 sq. ft. at 3 in depth for efficient application and are easy to apply for your convenience. Pea pebbles are ideal for gardens, pathways and landscape accents. Unlike wood mulches, will not fade, discolor, crack, or attract wood pests such as termites and ants. Helps retain soil moisture and control.

20mm Gravel Jumbo Bag. From £36.19 Ex VAT From £43.43 Inc VAT. 10mm Golden Gravel Jumbo Bag. pea gravel jumbo bags and many more of the supplies you need for every job. Jumbo Bags in Stock at Trade-Only Prices. We've Got It Golden Gravel. Golden Gravel. This Popular Golden Gravel is available in 10 and 20mm sizes. White Marble Chips. White Marble Chips are available in 8-11mm & 11-14mm sizes imported from Spain. Green Granite Chips. Green Granite available in 10mm, 14mm and 20mm sizes. Imported From Norway

Pea Gravel - 20mm PG10. £ 2.50. +VAT. Quantity. Add to basket. *Please note all prices are excluding VAT. Ready to Collect. Local Delivery. From only £ 2.50 + VAT Whilst 6mm pea shingle can be used for these sorts of large drainage projects, 10mm and 20mm shingles can also be used for other drainage solutions. Is Pea Shingle the same as Pea Gravel? Despite similar names and indeed similar qualities, pea shingle and pea gravel have some minor differences distinguishing them as separate products 20mm Gravel Large Bag; 20mm Gravel Large Bag. Prices from. £1.89 Ex VAT £2.27 Inc VAT. Region. Log in to buy. Get a Selco Trade Card or now. Check your local branch stock. Overview. Uses include backfilling drains and landscaping tasks. Also suitable for driveways and footpaths..

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Other Name(s): 20mm Shingle Consists of: 20mm Gravel/Shingle consists of various angular and rounded stones that have been washed to remove fines and passed through various screens to create a 20mm Gravel/Shingle. Widely used in construction and domestic applications. A very popular cost effective driveway gravel. This product will vary in colour and shape depending on your location as it is. Hello, thanks for on time delivery, great attitude from driver - put gravel exactly where I asked, no hesitation in recommending you to others, many thanks Andrew clewett. Andrew Clewett. 5 stars. on 1/12/19. Paul and the team are always really helpful. A great selection of stone and assorted garden landscaping products Also known as: 20mm pipe bedding, 20mm shingle, Cotswold shingle, South Cerney gravel. Consists of various angular and rounded stones that have been washed to remove fines and passed through various screens to create a 10-20mm Gravel. Widely used in construction and domestic applications. A very popular cost effective driveway gravel Description. Gravel/Shingle 20mm Delivered Loose (per tonne/1000kg) minimum 10 tonnes. All materials are locally sourced so the pea gravel/shingles appearance and colour may vary depending on the delivery location. Minimum Order 10 tonnes

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  1. imum) - Craned Nationwide Delivery Included. Free shipping. $54.50. eBay. Info. PEA SHINGLE 20MM STONES FOR GARDEN DRIVEWAY - FISH FRIENDLY GRAVEL. Free shipping. $10.99. eBay. Info. 10mm Pea Gravel Bulk Bag (825kg
  2. To see our price, add these items to your basket. Add both to Basket. Choose items to buy together. This item: TSO 20mm Pea Gravel, Mixed. £13.99. In stock. Sent from and sold by Trade Supplies Online. JT Atkinson Bag 25Kg Sharp Sand. £14.99
  3. Pea Gravel Dimensions: 20mm. Weight (approx): 750kg. Covers (approx) 14 sq mtrs (average depth of 40mm) Delivery Information. Important Update - Monday 24th May 2021. Delivery timeframes have been extended to up to 15 working days due to carrier restrictions during Covid-19 and excessive demand
  4. Golden Gravel is a popular choice as it can be used for the vast majority of domestic appliances. Slightly angular and containing yellows, creams and brown colours. Size: 20mm Supplied in a Bulk Bag. Approximately 0.7 cubic m. bulk bag = 12-15 sq.m at 50mm dept
  5. Find here online price details of companies selling Gravel. Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of Gravel for buying in India
  6. 12mm Pea Gravel Often described as a ball bearing type of stone. Pea Gravel is often used for similar application as Cracked Gravel in garden beds, around homes and along fences as a decorative stone, however due to the product being round it has the potential to roll or shift easier than Cracked Gravel will

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  1. Pea gravel is one of the most economical and simple materials to use for a patio. This outdoor project is easy to complete, and long-term maintenance of the patio is a breeze. For very little money and a day or two of work for an average-sized area, you can have a graceful and gorgeous patio with a look that lends itself perfectly to many other cool, fun elements: string lights, do-it-yourself.
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