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Contact Us. 128C Mauku Road, Patumahoe, Auckland 0800 024 317 +64 9 2363727. sales@macdirect.co.nz Macrocarpa Supplies can cut any size beams or posts up to 6 metres long. We use a construction grade for Macrocarpa beams and pergolas. There are only small tight knots and minor defects. Our sawmill can cut Macrocarpa beams up to 6 metres in length, depending on log supply. Beams are produced with a smooth circular sawn finish Pergola, interior posts, gate posts are all popular uses for macrocarpa/cypress timbers. We supply these up to 400mm/400mm square. Our most popular posts are 300/300 and 200/200. These look great in interior or exterior entrances. We supply our posts in our #1 grade timber, which is knotty. It's a stunning addition to any home

Bambusero designed by Mark Mortimer/ This bamboo structure

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It is a moderately stiff, strong timber. Macrocarpa machines and turns well owing to its fine texture. Will accept a variety of paints, oils and varnishes. Structural beams, framing, flooring, sarking, wall paneling, cabinetry, exterior cladding, decking, pergolas, furniture and landscaping. Naturally resistant to insect and fungal attack Macrocarpa. Source Location: Originated from the USA; sourced Macrocarpa from the South Island of New Zealand. Density: approx 550kg/m3 (at approx12% MC) Dimensions: Clears are available up to 250x50 and beams for exterior construction and finishing are available in very large sizes upon request. Appearance: The prized clear heartwood is a. Macrocarpa Landscape Sleepers. We can supply Macrocarpa sleepers from 400mm to 6m long. Macrocarpa Sleepers are ideal for Garden Beds, Planter boxs, Landscape Steps, Retaining Walls and Garden Edging. It will weather to a silvery grey colour or can be stained or painted. We can cut sleepers square to an exact length for a small extra cost, so.

MacDirect is New Zealand's leading supplier of macrocarpa cypress #1 building grade timber. Weatherboard, beams and structural, flooring and panelling, decking and clears. Also visit the Urbanmac store for lifestyle timber products MacDirect strongly believe macrocarpa/cypress has the potential to be a major player in the NZ Building industry with the added potential of a large known market for cypress in Asia. We aim to be in a position to meet this demand while always being determined to satisfy each and every customers needs locally Lumber Processors is a NZ family owned company supplying timber to the local market for nearly 50 years. The family name has been known in the area for over 100 years and have an honest, loyal relationship with the farmers which has helped secure thousands of tonnes of macrocarpa trees for future supply of environment friendly products

Macrocarpa/Cypress is increasingly popular for exposed decorative beams and posts or for wall framing. MacDirect can produce beams of your choice up to 8.5mtrs long. We have supplied beams 400 x 200 in dimension. But can go bigger if required. We had the pleasure of producing timber beams for some major kiwi builds. See the gallery for images High Quality Macrocarpa Timber. If you are looking for premium quality Macrocarpa timber, whether it be air-dried timber, green sawn timber, slabs, sleepers or firewood., you have come to the right place. At Macrocarpa Supplies we are committed to supplying superior quality Macrocarpa to our customers throughout Canterbury Macrocarpa Slabs. Macrocarpa Supplies has a huge selection of dry Macrocarpa slabs for sale. They are well seasoned, having been air drying for over two years. These are slabs of timber sawn from Macrocarpa logs with their natural edges. They come in a range of sizes from 300-1000mm wide by 65-85mm thick and up to 5 meters long Supplying New Zealand with specialty milled Macrocarpa timber products. Post & Rail fencing, sleepers, beams, pergolas, landscaping, construction, and more

Macrocarpa is a low to medium density softwood (485 kg/m3 at 12% moisture content) and has a large amount of heartwood, which is a golden brown honey colour. Macrocarpa is a moderately stiff, strong timber similar to NZ grown Douglas Fir. It is a difficult timber to kiln dry, with cell collapse and internal checking the main problems Macrocarpa Pergola 4.8m x 4.5m This stunning pergola makes a grand statement that helps enhance the house while at the same time creating a wonderfully cool and smooth connection between the garden and the house

Proud specialists in enviro-friendly timber. Premium Macrocarpa and Select-grade (knot free) MicroPro EPP Pine. Custom and standard trellis, gates, fence toppers, outdoor furniture, planter boxes and arbours made from macrocarpa. Located in Kaiapoi and servicing all of Canterbury Macrocarpa is a moderately stiff, strong timber similar to New Zealand-grown Douglas Fir; it is a difficult timber to kiln dry with cell collapse and internal checking the main problems. Macrocarpa clears are very similar to Kauri in character, and machines and turns well owing to its fine texture We have Available Macrocarpa in Landscape Grade: 200 x 100 Sleepers, available in 0.9, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8m & random lengths. Rough sawn landscape grade, available in 150 x 25, 200 x 25, 100 x 50, 150 x 50 & 200x 50mm. Exposed grade for pergolas and #1 grade for posts, custom milled to order. Also Available: Cemix fastcrete 25kg bag

Open-top Pergola designs are proving very popular in New Zealand, particularly around spa pools. They provide the feeling of comfort of being in a room or protected space, but still, allow for natural light and a breeze to a path through unobstructed. Open-Top Pergola built using Macrocarpa by Judd Stratful and his team of landscaping. Landscape Timber And Sleepers. N Garden Sleepers. N Beams & posts: for pergolas & verandah. N Fence rails, battens, palings & posts. N Garden beds & compost bins. N Inexpensive, easy to use, low maintenance. N Safe untreated naturally durable timbers available. N Macrocarpa, NZ Hardwoods and NZ treated pine Kiwi Louvres are proud to supply the highest quality aluminium louvre roofing and wall solutions, made right here in New Zealand. We design, install and maintain our systems right across the North Island, from Kaitaia to Wellington. Our premium aluminium louvres and components are made in New Zealand, allowing us to provide competitive factory. Macrocarpa is an excellent alternative to treated pine when landscaping. Although untreated, macrocarpa has natural durability up to H3 treatment making it ideal for use as fencing, pergolas, compost bins, garden beds, feature posts and of course decking. We have the best range of 200×100 sleepers in Christchurch ranging from 1.2m up to 6m. Sawn Timber and Beams. N Inexpensive, easy to use, low maintenance. N Safe untreated naturally durable timbers available. N Macrocarpa, NZ Hardwoods and NZ treated pine. N Garden Sleepers. N Beams & posts: for pergolas & verandah. N Fence rails, battens, palings & posts

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  1. A solid macrocarpa Pergola that stands around 3m tall. At 4.8m long and 4.5m wide with 200 x 200 posts this pergola joins nicely with the house and creates a wonderfully smooth connection with the garden that feels so natural.Fully assembled in three days this would be a great addition to almost any house.Other sizes and styles are available
  2. Macrocarpa. Macrocarpa is a low / medium-density softwood with similarities to Kauri. The heartwood is golden brown and has a speckled lustre, which is rare in timber. The sapwood is very light brown. It is a very stable wood, is easily sawn and has relatively low surface hardness, with good working and finishing characteristics and relatively.
  3. New Zealand's Deck, Paths, Patio and Pergola Specialist. Zones are specialists at designing and building decks, paths, patios and pergolas. As with all our services, Zones Landscaping Specialists will start with understanding what's important to you and how you will use your outdoor living space
  4. Macrocarpa & Lusitanica. Macrocarpa and lusitanica are closely related cypress species with similar timber. However, age of trees has a major influence on timber properties. Younger trees produce wood of lower density and lighter colour than older trees. Macrocarpa is a well known decorative softwood timber which is very popular in New Zealand
  5. Macrocarpa has yellow-brown heartwood colour, darker in old trees, sapwood 40-50mm, is paler coloured. Air-dry density 475-485 kgm-3, wood is soft with a fragrant, spicy odour. Sapwood colour: pale yellow-brown and little different from the yellow-brown heartwood although wood from old trees tends to be darker
  6. Pergola. This is a macrocarpa pergola we built in Wanaka just a couple of days work bish bash boom and its up, We also built a horizontal sun screen to protect from Otagos intense sun especially good for those gin and tonic afternoons

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Finally a bit of rain here in NZ, such a dry summer! Planted cherry tree for some shade in a year or two... once it grows. Seems a shame to cover the pergola The effortless combination of warmth, strength and beauty is evident, our beams will make an outstanding impact when used in your home, outdoor pergola or wherever you desire. Manufactured in NZ, Macrocarpa which is renowned for its structural integrity, and character our wooden beams are an attractive alternative to expensive imported timber Wood is the most popular decking material for its aesthetic feel and seamless fit into the natural environment. Radiata pine and Macrocarpa are the most common softwoods for decks in New Zealand as they are widely available and add an elegant and organic feel to your outdoor space MACROCARPA. In New Zealand macrocarpa timber is classified into three grades: 1. CLEAR GRADE. Clear grade is top grade macrocarpa timber which is free from knots and defects.It is sought after for end use applications such as top end joinery, window sills, ballistar rails in stair cases etc. 2

Specialist in Macrocarpa Post and Rail Fences and Affordable High-Quality Fencing Solutions for all Residential, Lifestyle, Rural and Commercial Properties Throughout Christchurch and Canterbury, NZ The macrocarpa pergola leads to Moira's prolific potager, which sits within a clipped hedge of Escallonia 'Fielders White': There are too many vegetables for us to eat, she says of the. Treated Pine Square Posts and Beams We supply large H4 and H5 posts and beams suitable for structural building. These H4 and H5 CCA treated pine timber posts and beams come in a variety of large sizes and lengths, including lengths up to 7.2 metres. These posts and beams meet the requirements for NZ building codes and are all stress graded and verified to SG8 using high-tech acoustic grading.

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Big, beefy 200mm x 200mm macrocarpa pergola structure. This was built to support the macrocarpa swing. There is also new ready-lawn laid in this nice wee nook in a backyard in Ngaio, Wellington. Landscaping Wellington. New front entrance built in Newlands, Wellington. Macrocarpa borders to contain soil and bark, pine steps with river pebbles in. Macrocarpa fence with exposed posts and gaps between the palings, This is a top of the line wooden fence, the capping and exposed post makes it stand out from any other paling fence. This is a macrocarpa pergola we built in Wanaka just a couple of days work bish bash boom and its up, We also built a horizontal sun screen to protect from. The Hideout comes in two versions: the Classic is designed to be placed on an existing deck or patio (as in the last photo). The Premium has an integrated deck, so it can just be popped straight onto the lawn. Premium $3,200. Classic $2,650. email for more info on the hideout A macrocarpa pergola conceals polycarbonate roofing, providing shelter and shade. Locally milled macrocarpa was used for the architraves and reveals, complimenting the sustainable Fijian kauri.

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Solid bandsawn pergolas. Perfect for covering an outdoor setting or adding value to your home. Made from natural, stunning macrocarpa / cypress timber Made from locally sourced macrocarpa. Has 2 coats Outdoor Wood Sealer as standard. Circular arch Size: 2.1m x 2.1m x 0.95m opening. horseshoe arch size: 2.4 x 2.4 x 1.8m opening . Advantages of the Circular/horseshoe Garden Arch Shipped in an easy to transport/store and carry DIY kit. Easy self-assembly by the homeowner within 30 minutes. Light. The macrocarpa pergola was a very cool feature which made the whole area. Complete with the new garden and concrete platform, the new design has provided a grand space for the homeowners to enjoy the stars and surrounding views during the colder months of the year Generally, in bigger sizes, macrocarpa is more readily available than pine. New Zealand foresters generally harvest pine plantations at sizes smaller than what is required by Park Benches. Pressure treatment of pine does not fully penetrate the full depth of the timber sizes used by Park Benches

Pergola - Event Space. The Parapara is a beautiful handcrafted traditional cruck frame finished in natural oils with a canvas roof. The cruck frame is constructed using large beautifully formed curved timbers that lends itself to large open internal spaces which is why it makes such a gorgeous exposed beam external space Scandinavian Summer House. LOCATION: Auckland, New Zealand. The black frame blends well with the existing macrocarpa pergola while the light RL200 louvre blades ensure the interior space remains light and bright

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Garden Vegetable Frames. Our most popular frames are 3m long by 1.3m high and stand as tall as your knee. Often our customers buy two or three at a time. You will find the 400mm height to be ideal for sitting and tending your plants. Other sizes are easily built and it is possible to send in a kit form that is easily put back together Decks Fences Pergola Decking Planter | Green Man Wood | New Zealand. Starting with vegetable frames, garden planters and storage boxes, we have over the past 8 years expanded our range of projects to include pine and colour steel fences, decks, pergolas, pathways, concrete and welding work. Just ask and we will let you know what is possible This house should appeal to the purists and processors alike and it champions the NZ Wood campaign. It is totally clad with macrocarpa board and battens. The mezzanine floor is supported by macrocarpa beams. The pergola is all macrocarpa above ground. The floors are mostly Eucalyptus saligna as are the stair treads. The house is framed with. SKU: 3521261. Select branch to see stock. $41.40. PA. $54.98. PlaceMakers is the Leading & Largest Supplier of Building Materials & Hardware in NZ. Shop Online for Contactless Delivery or Click & Collect. We've got over 14,000 products to shop online to bring your next DIY Project to life

Pergola - to concrete or bolt to ground? Hey team, looking at building a macrocarpa pergola about 4x3m using 150x150 posts. I'm concerned that concreting them in will lead to moisture/rot issues, but equally concerned that using a concreted in Galv bracket to fasten the bottom of the post to won't be rigid enough A translucent oil preservative for all exterior timbers, such as house cladding, decks and weatherboards, pergolas, lattice, railings, fencing and posts. Added UV protection with minimal colour change to the timber. Finest ingredients tung oil, waxes, earthen pigments, eucalyptus and pine oil. Available in 8 colours pergola see our How To Guides available in-store or online at PVC ROOFING www.placemakers.co.nz Available in light blue and clear, easy to install and a low cost way to make the most of your indoor and outdoor living. • 610mm cover and available in 1.8M, 2.4M, 3M and 3.6M lengths • Ideal for temporary pergolas and carport

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Macrocarpa Beams Pergolas Posts Pegs Welcome To Rosenfeld Kidson Decking Installation Radiata Pine Guidelines Canvas Pvc Pergola Canopies Custom Pergolas Sunguard Step By To A Diy Garden Pergola Stuff Co Nz Products Pl8 Glulam Beams Prolam Prowood Nz Pergolas Jac Jay Ltd Low Level Deck With Handrail Adding A Deck Zones. Apr 4, 2018 - SIP panel house in New Zealand . See more ideas about sip house, sips panels, waikato. Apr 4, 2018 - SIP panel house in New Zealand . See more ideas about sip house, sips panels, waikato. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When the auto-complete results are available, use the up and down arrows to review and Enter to select. Touch device.

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Macrocarpa and Eucalyptus milled timber for sale and timber plus Timber Products Macrocarpa Furniture Signs Pergolas Cabins and Gates milled by ProLumber Sawmill, Whangarei Northland New Zealand -45.9036523,170.422245 Building a pergola. Installing macrocarpa posts and beams, rather than laminated posts and beams, offered a more affordable option. The client also opted to build the macrocarpa pergola with a shade sail rather than a louvre to save on costs. The next challenge was attempting to move the fireplace into position. The final resul Timber Direct Otago. December 3, 2020 ·. It is a pleasure to be part of a customers choice to select our Macrocarpa Post & Rail Fencing. This one is in Invercargill. 150x150 posts, 150x50 rails #post &rail #sawmill #fencing # sustainable #locally made #southernmacrocarpa #cnc #landscaping. Timber Direct Otago is in Dunedin, New Zealand

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April 21 ·. We have good supplies of Macrocarpa Timber. Do you need timber for Framing, Joists, Pergolas etc. a range of sizes including 200 & 150 x 50mm, 200 & 150 x 25mm. Posts & Beams. Contact us at sales@timberdirectotago.co.nz or our website www.timberdirectotago.co.nz. #macrocarpatimber #sustainable #framing #locallymade #macrocarpa. 2828 The designer and clients decided to compliment this theme with four Timberworks Macrocarpa trusses together with exposed purlins and ridge beams. The pergola rafters with their decorative ends were also provided by Timberworks. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with Timberworks on our home in 2006

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Macrocarpa Post & Rail Fencing, New Zealand | Alpine Fencing Wanaka The rig...#alpine #fencing #macrocarpa #post #rail #rig #wanaka #zealand. Saved by davıt. Post And Rail Fence Small Front Gardens Rose Arbor Pool Sizes Pool Construction Home Landscaping Hiding Places Garden Pool In Ground Pools Gray Building Ltd. 433 likes. Gray Building Ltd is a small, locally owned, family operated Licensed Building Company. Based in Port Waikato, we strive to.. Oct 15, 2017 - Collins & Turner, the architects responsible for this property on the remote Monaro plains of New South Wales focused on exploiting the views of hillside, water and the bush Macrocarpa clears are very similar to Kauri in character, and machines and turns well owing to its fine texture. Macrocarpa is one of the most naturally durable exotic softwoods grown in New Zealand, and is resistant to insect and borer attack in its sawn form. Its heartwood is rated moderately durable which means a 50x50 stake will last 10-15.

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Radiata pine and Macrocarpa are the most common softwoods for decks in New Zealand as they are widely available and add an elegant and organic feel to your outdoor space. Hardwoods decks. Hardwoods are long-lasting and are prized for their attractive grains and rich colour. Kwila and Vitex are amongst the most popular hardwoods for decking use. 2.7 The macrocarpa pergola (2004) 2.7.1 A timber pergola, approximately 4 x 6 metres in plan, supports a 10o pitch glazed lean-to canopy above the main entry on the north elevation. The pergola structure is specifically engineered, with a 300mm x 300mm lintel beam above four 300mm x 300mm posts New Zealand's Radiata pine is one of the most versatile, long lasting and sustainable MACROCARPA NZ grown Macrocarpa is a beautiful warm, durable timber. Macrocarpa usually comes from stylish pergolas through to luxurious outdoor entertaining rooms. PlaceMakers has an extensive range of timber posts and beams that can b Macrocarpa/NZ Oregon in larger sizes 125x125, 150x150, 200x200, 300x300 for example. Exposed grade suitable for pergolas/rafters/exposed beams. Let us know your requirements and we can get a price to you.. We look forward to helping you out. HOME: PREVIOUS: NEXT: WATTS TO MILL MACROCARPA SPECIALISTS • JAMES STREET WAIPUKURAU HAWKES BAY NEW ZEALAND Email 4macrocarpa@gmail.com • Tel 0800 MACROCARPA (622 7622) / 06 858 9272 4macrocarpa@gmail.com • Tel 0800 MACROCARPA (622 7622) / 06 858 927

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Natural Pools NZ Ltd & Landscaping. Cedar or Macrocarpa. Locally grown. A lovely open, light shed with two upcycled windows. Line this out and you have a very cost effective Tiny home, Sleepout, Cabin, spare room.s. put these in an L or U shape with a pergola over the gap and you have a great 2 or 3 bedroom batch Pergolas. New Zealanders have always loved the great outdoors and a lot more effort is going in to designing the 'Outdoor Room'. A stylish pergola can enable your deck to become an extension of your indoor living space. PlaceMakers has an extensive range of products available that can be used to achieve the look you want for your home Call 021 1273895 or 07 8683749. We make premium quality outdoor furniture and structures to enhance your garden and home. Gates, Fences, Arbors, Archways, Letterbox Posts, Signposts, Moongates, Trellis, Benches, Swing Seats, Gazebo's, Planter Boxes, Wooden Bridges. We make our products using traditional joinery methods, ie mortise and tenon. The main living opens out onto a private sundrenched patio with a chunky macrocarpa pergola, creating an ideal setting for entertaining or relaxing outdoors with some shade. This property enjoys peaceful and private surrounds with low maintenance gardens and the perfect amount of lawn for a game of backyard cricket with the young ones Hand Crafted in New Zealand. Contact Us. Follow us on Facebook | Instagram. We supply strong, robust outdoor furniture to councils, landscapers and home gardeners. All of our unique furniture is made from naturally durable Macrocarpa and most importantly - made right here in New Zealand. Built to Last